6 Simple Ways to Increase Self Confidence

6 Simple Ways to Increase Self Confidence

A resounding theme among the new and struggling entrepreneurs that I work with is a lack of confidence in how amazing they are. For various reason, there are slivers of doubt that creep in and take hold of us. It stops us from launching new products and programs, sharing our business with others and earning the income we deserve in our business.

If any of this sounds familiar, I promise you that you are not alone.

My reminder to myself and many others who have (and are) struggling with confidence within their business is this: You have to believe in yourself, your business and your success before anyone else will.

As one of my favorite Divapreneurs, Janeane Davis, often says, sometimes you have to put on your big girl panties and fake it until you make it. She spoke on this very topic during our virtual conference last year and offered some great actionable steps that you can take.

There’s a cute video circulating around Facebook where a little girl is struggling with her seat belt and her father asks numerous times how he can help and what she wants him to do. Her response is priceless and one we can apply to ourselves and our businesses: “Worry about yourself.”

I’m not telling anyone to put blinders on to their competition, but you cannot emerge yourself so deep into what others are doing and accomplishing that you neglect your growth and miss out on valuable opportunities.

I cannot stress how important it is to know your why AND have an action plan for how you’ll attain your goals. Setting action-based goals that align with your purpose and vision for your business will make a difference. Your confidence levels will increase when you know what you are working towards, why you are doing it and how you will attain those goals.

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This journey is not for the weak at heart or spirit. You will face disappointments and setbacks. You will get frustrated and irritated. You will stress about finances and whether you’ve made the right choices. You’ll make mistakes. We all do. Your job and focus is to grow from them, learn from them and keep pressing forward. Rather than fret and fuss over what could have, should have or might have been, continue to work your plan of action.

Within all of this, it is, also, essential to remain positive, show gratitude and let others know you appreciate them. Those positive actions and thoughts will make a difference. Positivity begets positivity.

Finally, ask for help. It is not a sign of weakness or lack of knowledge. It is effectively using your time, talents and resources. It’s, also, supporting another small business or up-and-coming entrepreneur and allowing them the opportunity to grow and learn from the experience.

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