My Entrepreneurial Journey

Finding Clarity in the Clutter

Have you ever felt like you were giving your absolute all to no avail?

My first breaking moment came in the wee hours one Saturday morning my youngest son was about 10 months old. We had been up the majority of the night and, honestly, I don’t know who cried more. He was teething, running a fever and had caught yet another bug from one of his daycare friends. He could not keep anything down and was absolutely miserable. He would drift off to sleep only to wake up with a horrible hacking cough.

I’d tried everything imaginable to comfort and console him. Then suddenly he stopped crying, looked up at me and gave me the most beautiful toothless smile that a snotty, feverish baby could give.

It was in that moment that I broke.

I had been struggling with many decisions within my personal and professional life. I was in a job that I liked but was not being challenged. It was not something I saw myself doing forever and did not bring me joy. It brought in a paycheck but there were many days when that in itself did not seem to be enough to make ends meet.

I opened up my computer and just began to write. I poured out the words and emotions that I felt in that moment and hit publish. I had never blogged before in my life but “ta-da” I officially claimed my space on the interwebs.

Fast-forward three years and I was home during the holidays with my now three year old son and my three month old daughter. I was preparing to go back to work from maternity leave and felt something pulling at my spirit. I was working the same job, in a different position and making more money – but with daycare for two children and a new home finances were beyond tight.

My Why: Finding Clarity in the Clutter

As I prepared my children’s bags for their first day at daycare, I began making plans. I had been blogging inconsistently for 3 years now and knew it was time to make a change. The community that I had built was an amazing source of joy for me. They had supported me through so many life changes – the grief of losing my youngest uncle unexpectedly, a miscarriage and the birth of my rainbow baby. It was in those moments that a shift happened internally both personally and professionally.

I would become a full-time entrepreneur.

I would be more present and available for my children.

I would use the experiences, knowledge and talents I had to help other women who felt stuck, despondent and overwhelmed to find clarity in the clutter.

Once I had that goal in place it became my internal mantra. When I felt frustrated and angry with decisions made at my job, it would push me to pour more into my community and continue to build my own. I worked many a countless nights after tucking my children in to put processes in place to bring in additional income and build a savings.

The day I left my full-time job I felt a sense of relief and release. I had done it. It had taken me almost three years, but it happened. I had built a sustainable business on my own and had a savings in place so I didn’t feel anxious about contributing to our household bills.

From Clutter to Clarity

There was one thing I overlooked during those planning and building years – self-care. I became seriously ill the summer after I left my full-time job. So ill I could not work my business or enjoy the fruits of my labor. As I lay in my hospital bed feeling defeated one of my mentors reminded me that I could either wallow in my sadness or learn and grow from it.

It was in that moment that I realized the importance of true work-life balance. The importance of making self-care, family time and LIVING LIFE a priority while building your business.

Two years after leaving my full-time job, I have a business that is thriving but more importantly I am present and involved with my family. I can check out when necessary. I don’t sacrifice sleep, time-off or time with the people who mean the most to me.

My Entrepreneurial Journey

Through results-based 1:1 and group coaching, live trainings, and an assortment of digital products, I teach entrepreneurs how to successfully launch and sustain a business they love that suits their lifestyle.  If this sounds like a conversation you would like to have, I would love to talk! During our 30 minute call, we will talk about the top 3 problems you are facing in your business; what you need to move forward and be more productive; and what products and / or services I offer would be beneficial to your personal and professional growth. Click here to schedule your call today.

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