4 Fears That Are Keeping You From Moving Forward In Your Business

4 Fears That Are Keeping You From Moving Forward In Your Business

Fear can cause some serious damage within our businesses. It can cause you to remain stagnant or make quick, uninformed decisions that can impact your bottom-line. Over the years there are 4 specific fears that I have identified that have kept myself and others from moving forward and succeeding within their respective businesses.

I recently shared what they are in recent Periscope and Facebook Live broadcasts: fear of starting; fear of failing; fear of success; and fear of comparison. Read more

3 Entrepreneurial Takeaways from Sing: The Movie

This weekend, I took a much-needed break and enjoyed time with my younger two children. They have been wanting to go see Sing: The Movie since they first saw the previews and, I’ll be honest, I was a little excited to go see it, as well.

Overall, I thought it was a great movie and as I was watching it there were points that, believe it or not, truly aligned with my entrepreneurial journey.

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The resounding theme from the movie was if you have something you want to do – kick fear, excuses and naysayers to the side and just DO IT. There will be obstacles to overcome but living your dream and working in your purpose is worth the time and sacrifice. You’ll never know how great you could have been if you continue to talk about your dreams and never take action.

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6 Simple Ways to Increase Self Confidence

A resounding theme among the new and struggling entrepreneurs that I work with is a lack of confidence in how amazing they are. For various reason, there are slivers of doubt that creep in and take hold of us. It stops us from launching new products and programs, sharing our business with others and earning the income we deserve in our business.

If any of this sounds familiar, I promise you that you are not alone.

My reminder to myself and many others who have (and are) struggling with confidence within their business is this: You have to believe in yourself, your business and your success before anyone else will.

As one of my favorite Divapreneurs, Janeane Davis, often says, sometimes you have to put on your big girl panties and fake it until you make it. She spoke on this very topic during our virtual conference last year and offered some great actionable steps that you can take.

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Monday Morning Inspiration for a Great Week

Do you know of someone in need of some Monday Morning Inspiration?

So many people dislike Mondays.

I believe when you start off on a low-note it makes it so much harder to get to that high-note. Why not strive to start off on a positive and stay there? When you are already down, it is so much easier to stay there and get … stuck.

Monday Morning Inspiration

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