Becoming the Bold and Beautiful Business Woman You’re Called to Be

What is it that you stand for? When your name comes to mind, what do others think of? Is it something positive or negative? Is it what you’d want your legacy to be? Is it what you’d want your children to pass on to their children’s children? If not, what are you doing to change that?

What is the point of going through life without a purpose? What are you doing to shape your destiny? What are you doing to create your legacy? Each generation should be a step ahead (or more) than the previous, what are you doing to make your strides? Are you preparing your children to take over your legacy or are you allowing them to make the same mistakes your grandparents, parents and yourself made?

In order to live a fulfilled life, you must have a purpose. You must have something that makes you get up each morning excited and ready to make a difference somehow someway. Your purpose should not be something that is selfish and just benefits you and yours. Your purpose should touch others and have a domino effect on those that they touch. It should metamorphisize into an even bigger purpose.

Those were the words I wrote on Saturday, August 8, 2009 and the beginning of Divas With A Purpose. I recall it was early on a Saturday morning. I’d been up most of the night with my then 17 month old who was teething and miserable. That date was a week before my 3rd wedding anniversary. I was absolutely miserable. I was feeling unfulfilled in just about every area of my life. I’m sure there were quite a few tears shed that night. Quite a few prayers sent up. And at some point my youngest son, who I affectionately call my “favorite child”, looked up at me – snotty nose, feverish eyes – and my heart melted. I did have purpose. I may have lost my voice and direction temporarily but God had just given me an outlet that would open doors I’d never imagined. I did not realize and recognize that the words I’d written would come to fruition and lead to me being a blessing to others, but most importantly a blessing to myself.

My community Divas With A Purpose is a community of women committed to supporting and uplifting one another in our personal and professional lives. We believe that together we achieve so much more. We believe in support. We believe in encouragement. We believe in just being there for one another. I also have a local group that meets regularly and host events throughout the year geared towards self-care, female entrepreneurship (which I call Divapreneurship), SMART Goal-setting and down time. I work with brands to share their messaging and products with the women in my communities – to get their opinions and feedback.

On June 19, 2015 I stepped out on faith and worked my last day in the “corporate world”. A question I’m often asked (especially by my husband in the early days) is just how do I make money consistently. There are a couple of variables – My website brings in income through advertisers and sponsors, the brands I work with, I sell products (eBooks, webinars, my t-shirts), and I work with individuals and small businesses in person and virtually to train on social media and as an accountability partner for setting and staying committed to their SMART goals.

Celebration of Divatude 2014

All of these things have evolved over the year as I have evolved into the Bold and Beautiful Business Woman I know I’m called to be. One thing that seemed lacking when I was first starting out was a resource to help me make sense of what I wanted and needed to do. I had so many questions as I came into my own and Google was my best friend – as well as the amazing community of Divas I had cultivated over the years who were there for support, motivation and the occasional vent or two. After giving a talk to a local female entrepreneurial association, I was asked to put together my main points and additional resources for them to utilize within their businesses. Voilà …

How to be a BOLD, Beautiful Business Woman

This eResource was born. It’s available for you to give you the foundation you need to be motivated, find confidence and be BOLD:

  • Be about your business
  • Opportunities for connecting, networking, and learning
  • Live life: Work-Life balance is essential
  • DIVATUDE is a must in your business

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My Entrepreneurial Journey

I shared on a recent Periscope broadcast my inspiration for becoming an entrepreneur: my grandmother owned and operated a home-based daycare that I worked at during holidays and summer vacations. She was my first introduction to a full-time female entrepreneur outside of an MLM company.

Years later while running my own business from the comfort of my home, I would rely on the lessons she taught me when it came to communicating with difficult customers, providing top of the line customer service and being available to your employees (or in my case contractors). I won’t say everything she taught me were best practices, but I will say that her influence helped shaped my perspective, leadership style and pride in owning my own business.

Over the years I have honed in on exactly where I fit in within the entrepreneurial space. I started off doing anything and everything that would bring in income – especially once I made the transition to working for myself full-time. There was this nagging fear that I wouldn’t be good enough to succeed.

One day I realized I needed to release those fears and step into my greatness. I had to do all of the things that I had been encouraging and instructing women to do for years on my platform, Divas With A Purpose.

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