How to consistently show up on social media

A question I’m often asked by newer (and sometimes not so new) entrepreneurs is just how to consistently show up on social media. There is so much noise and so many aspects to running their business that having a consistent social media presence often gets put on the back burner. Combine that with deciding on what to post every single day – it’s easy to see why many business owners may opt to focus on other areas of their business.

This is what inspired me to start creating my monthly social media calendars. It is a free resource that provides a relevant topic to discuss daily on your social media platforms.  I believe in the importance of showing up consistently on your social media channels, engage with your community and allow them to see your authentic self.

How to show up consistently on social media

In today’s digital age, social media allows you to connect with current and potential customers in innovative and engaging ways.

4 ways to show up consistently on social media

Rather than let social media get the best of you, I believe in jumping in and doing it. You can correct, learn and grow as you go along. It’s so easy to stay stuck in the planning stage and let the many excuses of waiting for the “perfect time or plan” to keep you from connecting with your community. The longer you wait, the more you give others the opportunity to connect with those waiting on you and your awesomeness.

Plan ahead.

Putting some thought into what you are going to share on social media can save you a lot of time and energy in the long-run. Yes, it is important to post some timely and in-the-moment content, but the bulk of your social media engagement can be pre-scheduled. This, also, allows you to see what relevant dates and events are coming up that you can implement in your social media strategy. There are so many fun and engaging “holidays” that can help to inspire your content and connect you with your community.

woman planning out how to show up consistently on social media

Be personable.

Let your personality shine through and be yourself. When you’re posting on social media, think about how your content will relate to your community and business. The easiest person for me to be is ME. I’ve found that it is not worth the time and energy to put forth a personality that does not mesh with who I am. It doesn’t bring me joy and those that work with me will quickly find out which can tarnish my reputation.

Engage and connect.

Remember that on social media you have to be social. Respond to comments, ask questions, support others on social media and use the different tools available on social media platforms to connect and communicate with your community. In the video below I share how much I love InstaStories – especially using the engagement tools they’ve added: ask a question, polls, sliding scales, etc. These are great ways to get instant feedback and learn more about those that are connected with you.

Livestream. Be in the moment.

It is no secret that I absolutely love live-streaming. I admit that I fought tooth and nail against embracing it at first, but once I got started … Oh EM GEE!!! This is such a great way to truly connect and engage with your community. Don’t overthink it or stress over hitting the broadcast button. The more you do that the harder it will be. My suggestions are to go recruit a few friends and fellow entrepreneurs to support you and just do it. Jump on and share who you are and what you do. Once you finish and realize you didn’t die, you can make a plan to go live at least once a week on your preferred social media platform.

Incorporating livestreams while you’re out and about is a great way for your community to connect with you. You can bring them along as you shop for your business or on your travels to speak or teach. Let them see you in action and why they want to stay connected with you to learn more.

Securing Sponsors For Your Next Project

As a small business owner, the support of sponsors for my events and projects has been a huge help with off-setting my costs, reaching a broader demographic and providing a platform for other entrepreneurs and small business owners when I host events – both virtually and face-to-face.

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10 Female Entrepreneurs to Learn From

Learning is a continuous process. Throughout my entrepreneurial journey I have had the opportunity to connect with some amazing female entrepreneurs who have shared a plethora of knowledge with me directly and indirectly.

One of the greatest things about the Internet is the accessibility of information and being able to learn from others anytime from any place.

Below is a list of 10 women who I have learned from over the years as a blogger, entrepreneur, social media consultant and, even, from my days as a direct sales consultant.

(Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links.)

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Making The Most of Your Online Communities

The nitty gritty of this article are specific actions to take to make the most out of your online communities – especially Facebook groups which are very popular and can cultivate wonderful collaborations.

As the popularity of Facebook groups grew, groups began popping up about anything and everything. And that is fantastic. I love that I can join groups and connect with people that are passionate about my many different interests and ideas – from entrepreneurs, bloggers, motherhood, direct sales and even quick and easy meal ideas for busy families. It’s awesome, I know!

Side Note: Please do not automatically add people to your groups. Send them a quick note or invite and give them the option to join or request that you add them. It is a pet peeve of many.

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Building Your Success Team

Think about anyone you know who is incredibly successful.

Do these people do everything themselves? Do they do it all themselves?

Think of J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books. She writes the books, but does she do all the legal work, all the marketing, distribution, printing, advertising and public relations?

No of course she does not.

She has a “success team” around her.

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Goal Setting Is Only Part Of The Success Formula

Goal setting is important for any business – without the proper establishment of goals based on a business’ mission, there is no direction for the business itself or its employees. However, goal setting alone is not enough. Here’s what you need to do if you’re going to turn those goals into reality.

Define Success

Before goals can be set, the definition of success needs to be established. Will it be an increase in sales by five percent, opening of more branches of the business, or opening of a new division within the business? Your goals should all be focused around what you consider to be success for your business. Read more

Goals In Your Business

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How To Confidently Tell Others About Your Amazing Business

Do you have confidence in your business? When asked about what you do how articulately and effectively are you able to share your passion with others?

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Achieve Your Business Goals

Each month I meet with a group of women in Columbia, South Carolina and discuss our progress towards reaching our personal and professional goals. Many of the women in the group have specific business goals they are working towards this year and it is exciting to work with them, celebrate their successes and work through their obstacles along the way.

3 Steps to Achieve Your Business Goals

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4 Ways to Make Your Home-Based Business A Success

Advice for Making Your Home Business a Success


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