4 Fears That Are Keeping You From Moving Forward In Your Business

4 Fears That Are Keeping You From Moving Forward In Your Business

4 Fears That Are Keeping You From Moving Forward In Your Business

Fear can cause some serious damage within our businesses. It can cause you to remain stagnant or make quick, uninformed decisions that can impact your bottom-line. Over the years there are 4 specific fears that I have identified that have kept myself and others from moving forward and succeeding within their respective businesses.

I recently shared what they are in recent Periscope and Facebook Live broadcasts: fear of starting; fear of failing; fear of success; and fear of comparison.

Fear 1: The fear of starting

Because if you don’t start, you can’t fail, right? WRONG! You’re short-changing yourself by procrastinating and putting off launching that amazing business idea that you have. So often we use the excuse of researching and waiting for the “right time” to start. How many of us tons of notes; have attended webinars; completed e-courses; and have an entire plan of action in place but just can’t actually DO IT? I promise you that you’re not alone. Typically it’s for the following two reasons – the fear of failure or the fear of success.

Fear 2: The fear of failure

This is a simple one. We don’t start because what if it doesn’t work out? What if no one purchases our product or service? What if we make a critical mistake? What if? What if? What it? Here’s the thing, by not starting you’ll never know and that in itself is the biggest disservice to yourself and your growth. We learn from those uncomfortable moments and grow from our mistakes and missteps. You. Are. Not. Perfect. Neither am I or the next person. And that’s ok. We’re going to do some things really well and others not so much, but the beauty is in trying and learning.

Fear 3: The fear of success

We’re afraid that we’re going to actually do the darn thing … and then we have to keep up that success momentum! Essentially, we’re afraid of the responsibilities and commitment that comes with success.

Fear 4: The fear of comparison

Have you ever had a really great idea? Sat on it (see fear # 1) and then looked up and someone was doing the almost exact same thing? Which then causes you to start second-guessing yourself, do more research and planning and put your plans on the back burner. Guess what? There’s nothing new under the sun. Yes, someone may have an idea similar to yours but YOU make yours unique.

As I shared in my Facebook live video, at the end of the day these fears all boil down to not feeling as though you are “enough” to do the great thing you have within you. If you can relate to any of the fears that I outlined, I encourage you to face that reality and step out – scared as all get out – and just do it. You’ve got this and there’s someone waiting on your greatness.

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  1. Mimi
    Mimi says:

    The fear of failure is the one I have yet to get over. I’ve faced all of these in some variety or another and have managed to be able to move past them but the fear of failure is the one I’m still working on.

    I believe I was watching something with Joyce Meyer and she said ” Just do that thing, and do it afraid but do it.” All I can say to that is I’m trying!!


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