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The Divatude Challenge began in 2012 as a virtual challenge with 5 women and has evolved over the years to focus on business accountability. Each of the women in our initial challenge were looking to impact different areas of their life and wanted guidance and accountability. Their goals impacted their family-life, finances, careers, education and health and wellness. They were provided with a journal to help formulate their S.M.A.R.T. Goals, one-on-one conversations and group conference calls to share their growth, discuss their obstacles and help formulate plans for their overall success.

The community and bond formed from that virtual challenge has grown into a virtual and face-to-face community that includes group masterminds, weekend retreats and online accountability groups and workshops. Each month I meet with women in various stages of their lives to discuss the specific goals they have established, the action steps they have taken to meet those goals and discuss ways to continue to grow and thrive into their purpose.


Being a participant in The Divatude Challenge was such an enlightening and motivating tool. It truly helped me to set reachable goals for myself that I have been able to apply not only to my other business ventures but in keeping myself accountable in my personal life as well. The Divatude Accountability Challenge was truly an invaluable experience and not only am I honored to have been asked, I’m grateful for the lessons that I learned and am still learning! – Kimberly Simmons, Owner of The Dessert Diva

I have absolutely loved working with Michelle! My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. I have been more productive in the last four months of working with her, than I have been all year. I love her ability to take all of the ideas swirling around my brain, and make sense of it all with a a strategic, action-based plan, that’s easy to execute. That alone has been more than worth it for me!Mandi

The Divatude Challenge has had a huge impact on my business and personal life. I have been able to set and achieve goals consistently since I joined. The best part is that being held accountable comes in the form of encouragement and helpful tools, not bashing and judgement.Sherika Washington, Owner of Worthy Words Writing Services

Sometimes you need someone to help you regroup on pursuing your goals. Thanks Michelle D. Garrett for your support and push!Stephanie M

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