10 Female Entrepreneurs to Learn From

10 Female Entrepreneurs to Learn From

Learning is a continuous process. Throughout my entrepreneurial journey I have had the opportunity to connect with some amazing female entrepreneurs who have shared a plethora of knowledge with me directly and indirectly.

One of the greatest things about the Internet is the accessibility of information and being able to learn from others anytime from any place.

Below is a list of 10 women who I have learned from over the years as a blogger, entrepreneur, social media consultant and, even, from my days as a direct sales consultant.

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10 Female Entrepreneurs to Learn From

10 Female Entrepreneurs You Should Follow

Tamika L. Sims is an award-winning author, writing coach and owner of Ink Pen Divas, founder of the Self-Assured Woman ™ Movement, survivor, influencer, builder and all-around Diva. She’s amazing. She has a way of pulling out the absolute best in you and inspiring you to be the best you are called to be. Tamika lives here in Columbia, SC and I was able to connect with her through the Woman to Woman Entrepreneurs Association. Tamika was, also, the person to get me to go live on Periscope through a Pass The Cast with her online community that I’m a proud member of.

Connect with Tamika on her website, Periscope and Facebook.

Lynsey Jones is the founder of Party Plan Divas. She’s, also, a fellow blogger over at Moscato Mom. A wine-loving Divapreneur – you already see why I think she’s amazing, right? I was a part of Lynsey’s direct sales community for years and she provides so much valuable information for $Free.99! She was very interactive and engaging with her her community and was the first introduction to a valuable, professional Facebook group community. I had the pleasure of recently meeting Lynsey face-to-face at a blogging conference and she is just as great face-to-face.


Connect with Lynsey on her website, YouTube and Facebook.

Brandy Butler is the author of Girl, Just Quit! and is a Brand Strategist for Executive Women, Female Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses. I connected with Brandy in the blogosphere years ago and she is a wealth of knowledge, inspiration and motivation. I worked with her as part of a mastermind prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneurship and I am still connected with the amazing women that were a part of that group.

Connect with Brandy on her website, Periscope, and Facebook.

Andrea Vahl & Phyllis Khare are the co-founders of Social Media Managers School. This dynamic duo provides tools, resources and a forum for social media managers to connect, learn and grow within their respective businesses.

Learn more about Social Media Managers School.
Connect with Andrea on her website and Facebook.
Connect with Phyllis on her website and Facebook.

Brandi Riley is a blogger and the founder of Courage to Earn: A Community for Brave Entrepreneurs. Courage to Earn is a community of 1500+ digital female entrepreneurs that support one another in their endeavors to earn their worth while staying true to their self. I am honored to serve as the Community Manager for this group of amazing women who selflessly share, support and inspire one another daily.

Connect with Brandi on her website, Periscope and Facebook.
Learn more about Courage to Earn here.

Michele Scism is a coach’s coach. Her community Decisive Minds has provided me with wonderful connections and a plethora of knowledge. She is an Entrepreneur who loves building businesses that change lives, communities and the world.

A photo posted by Michele Scism (@michelescism) on

Connect with Michele on her website, YouTube and Facebook.

Amiyrah Martin helped me get my Periscope life together. She has built an amazing community on the platform and regularly shares informative and engaging broadcasts to help you in your personal and professional life. Amiyrah is, also, the owner of 4 Hats and Frugal where she teaches you how to be a baller on a budget.

Connect with Amiyrah on her website, Periscope, and Facebook.

Kim Garst is the CEO and Founder of BOOM! Social. She is, also, an international best-selling author, social selling strategist, live streaming guru and an all-around wonderful being. The calm, sweet demeanor you see online is what you get when you meet her face-to-face. I had the opportunity to hear Kim speak  and meet her at The Niche Parent Conference a few years back and she is a beautiful person inside and out.

Connect with Kim on her website, Periscope and Facebook.

Adeea Rogers has cultivated a wonderful Periscope community. If you sell products and/or services, you want to connect with her for informative conversations on how to maximize your platforms for profitability.

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Connect with Adeea on her website, Periscope and Facebook.

Who are the female entrepreneurs that inspire you on a regular basis? Feel free to shout them out in the comments below.

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