Simple Ways to Support Small Business Saturday

The very first Small Business Saturday was held in 2010 on November 27th. The concept was simple – to encourage consumers to support their local small businesses the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Founded by American Express, the day received the support of our government leaders and became an official day recognized by the US Senate in 2011.

Did you know collectively small businesses have been the single biggest job creators in the US since the 1970s? They play a huge role in our local economies and deserve our support and appreciation.  It’s our small businesses that keep our communities thriving. Nicole Leinbach-Reyhle points out in this Forbes article on why we need to support small businesses that local small business owners are more likely to give back to our communities. Think about the companies that sponsor local Little Leagues, carnivals and festivals? Typically they are your local small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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Simple Ways To Support Small Business Saturday

  • Enjoy a meal at a locally owned and operated restaurant
  • Connect with local small businesses via social media ~ interact and share their accounts
  • Leave a review for a local small business on their website or a public forum
  • Add items from local small businesses to your holiday shopping lists

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