Discover Your Purpose So You Can Love Your Business and Your Life

Discover Your Purpose So You Can Love Your Business and Your Life!

Maybe you grew up in a working class home where you watched your parents dutifully put in their shifts at “the plant.” They worked Monday through Friday from 7am to 4pm, just so they could enjoy the weekend off and two weeks at the campground each summer.

Or perhaps you went off to college and studied law or sales or biology, and now you feel trapped in a job you don’t love. You’d like to change course, but what if you make the wrong choice? What else are you even qualified to do? And what about those student loans?

Here’s another dilemma for those who feel as if they’re “working for the weekend” and not pursuing their passions: How can you even know what you want to be when you grow up?

Sound familiar?

The truth is, there are millions of people out there who trudge off to work each and every day, wishing they were anywhere else, and hoping one day to find what really inspires them. If that’s you, then rest assured, you are not alone.

But know this, too: There is still time to discover your passion and start doing the work you love.

Discover Your Purpose So You Can Love Your Business and Your Life

Chase Those Shiny Objects

Ask any business coach the secret to a better business, and they’ll tell you it’s focus. To be distracted by other opportunities or ideas is to dilute the power of your core business.

While this can be true in many cases, it can also cause the purpose-seeking entrepreneur to freeze in her tracks, unwilling to move in any direction for fear of choosing the wrong one. Much like the college grad who feels trapped in a job she hates, simply because that’s what she knows, you’ll only end up hating your business and wishing for a day job again.

Rather than wearing blinders to keep you laser focused every moment, take some time to explore other possibilities. Look for complementary ideas that are a natural match for one another.

For example, one prolific and in-demand jewelry designer turned years of teaching and a passion for jewelry into a wildly popular training program for up-and-coming designers. Now she divides her time between creating stunning engagement rings and teaching others how to have a business they love.

Had she remained focused only on jewelry design, she would still be popular, and still doing what she loves, but the addition of the training course allowed her to find her true passion.

Don’t be afraid to follow that winding path from time to time. You never know what you might discover around the next bend.

How to Discover Your Purpose So You Can Love Your Business and Your Life!
How to Discover Your Purpose So You Can Love Your Business and Your Life!
This 20 page Step-by-Step Workbook Covers: Your Personal Passion Project: How to Dream without Limits Exercise: If I could spend my time any way I liked Keeping a Journal: It’s Not a Diary. Doing this specific method of journaling helps you to discover your true passion over time Exercise: My Daily Questions: Brainstorming Activity Creating a Journaling Space that Inspires Creativity and Frees your Mind to Dream Exercise: What’s in your ideal Journaling Space? What Others Think: Your Passions May be Obvious to Everyone Else but You so Ask Exercise: Discover Your Superpower, Discover your Passion Looking Back. Discover your Passion from the Future Exercise: Your Autobiography Get Out of Your Office: Your Passion is out there waiting to be discovered Exercise: Plan New Experiences Chase Shiny Objects: The Possibilities Truly are Endless Exercise: List of Future Projects to do Someday Evaluation: Time to Put it all Together so you can Love your Business and your Life
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