Speak Confident About Your Business

How To Confidently Tell Others About Your Amazing Business

Do you have confidence in your business? When asked about what you do how articulately and effectively are you able to share your passion with others?

If those questions made you pause, do not fret. Many women in business struggle with this. Female entrepreneurs are starting businesses at record numbers in today’s society. They are confident and secure selling products and being behind the scenes, but ask them to speak in front of others and fear enters in quickly.

Fear of public speaking is not new. However, it is essential for your personal and professional life to make yourself comfortable with speaking confidently and succinctly about why others should invest their time and finances into your dream.

Do You Have Confidence In Your Business?

One of the first things to focus on is organization. Organize your thoughts and know the key points you want to address when speaking to others. Remember the basics of essay writing? Who, what, when, where, why and how. Implement those questions into describing your business and developing your elevator pitch.

Once you have your key points, practice, practice, practice. Have conversations with people you are comfortable with discussing your business. Have them ask you questions and probe for additional details. The more you speak about your business, the more comfortable and confidence in your business you’ll have. Look for small, local networking events you can attend and speak to others one-on-one about what you do.

Speak Confident About Your Business

Record – audio and video – and critique yourself. Learn your voice and mannerisms. Determine what you can and want to adjust and work on ways to improve.

Identify your true passions within your business. The more passionate you are about something the more comfortable you are discussing. Knowing those points will help you determine what areas to focus on when discussing  your business with others.

Remember it’s your business, your purpose, your passion – stand boldly and confidently and share how awesome you are with others.


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