My Entrepreneurial Journey


Are you surrounded like-minded individuals who spark new and innovative ideas every time you converse? Maybe you’re already filled with ideas and the unmotivated individuals only fuel your pursuit of your dreams. In either case it is likely that you face challenges when translating that brilliant idea into a successful business move. Fear not, help is on the way!

My Entrepreneurial Journey

There are more female entrepreneurs in our society than ever and most are balancing career, family, and a small business. There are also a significant number of women who have transitioned off of 9 to 5 jobs and are pursuing their dreams full time. Hats off to every woman who shows up and shows out by pursuing their personal business success. That is an awesome feat to undergo and the harsh reality is that it isn’t always an easy journey. So, what do you when you find yourself stalled between idea and strategy or strategy and launch? You lay pride aside and seek assistance and support from other female entrepreneurs.

Build Your Success Team

Whatever the components of your balancing act you must master becoming focused, consistent, and strategic. On January 8th ten female entrepreneurs and I will begin a 4-week journey that will bridge the gaps between idea and launch. Beginning January 2nd, we will add participants to our closed Facebook group to begin pre-course work and connecting with one another.

Making The Most of Your Online Community

This 4-weeks course offers:

⇒ Direct, individualized feedback

⇒ Live Q&A sessions

⇒ Expert training sessions

⇒ Small group settings

⇒ Expertise of successful female entrepreneurs on the importance of
branding, live-streaming, time-management and more

⇒ Business success binder 

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