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Support Is A Two-Way Street

This article, Support Is A Two-Way Street, originally appeared on my blog, Divas With A Purpose – a website that provides tools and resources for women to succeed in their personal and professional lives. A resounding and recurring theme and discussion among my circles is support – rather the lack of it when it comes […]

How To Make The Most of Collaborations

I love working with other people. A big part of Divas With A Purpose is connecting and collaborating with fellow women to help one another in our mutual businesses. It has always been a passion of mine and I am ecstatic when I see other women working together successfully. Most recently I collaborated with 9 […]

30 Easy Ways To Increase Productivity

Increasing productivity or even being productive takes planning and time. We often want to find an extra hour or two a day to do certain tasks, but if you put into effect systems and get organized in your daily life you can get a lot more done each day. Parents can easily fit in more […]