Michelle D. Garrett

I am Michelle D. Garrett and I help new and struggling entrepreneurs gain clarity in their business and reclaim work-life balance.

Because I get it. I know how it feels to be doing everything but feel as though you are accomplishing nothing.

By establishing processes for you to be focused, consistent and strategic with your time, actions and revenue.

My passion is teaching you how to use and leverage social media to compliment your business goals.

Founder of Divas With A Purpose and owner of The Divatude Collection

Celebration of Divatude 2014

Michelle D. Garrett is a native of Charleston, South Carolina. She currently resides in Columbia with her husband and three children.

She is the founder of Divas with a Purpose. She uses the term DIVAtude to describe women who are driven, inspiring and called to action in their personal and professional lives.

Among Michelle’s many great interests, connecting and collaborating with others ranks highest. She strongly promotes the concept of the gathering of like-minds. In that spirit of networking, Michelle offers virtual and face-to-face courses on topics that help women grow their home-based and small businesses. As a popular online community builder, Michelle has mentored and assisted many bloggers and business women with expanding their own online communities through social media and email marketing.

Divas with a Purpose focuses on empowering and inspiring women and encouraging them to embrace their DIVAtude.  She often uses her website to support causes such as Save the Children, No Kid Hungry and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.   Her passion is for causes that directly impact women and children. Michelle is, also, a co-founder of the Lillie-Helen Stroke Awareness Foundation, and a founding member of #VoicesForOurSons, an online collaboration for mothers of tween and teen boys of color.

The Divatude Challenge: A SMART Goals Accountability Journal

Divas with a Purpose hosts its signature event entitled The Divatude Experience (formerly known as Celebration of Divatude) in Columbia, South Carolina. The annual event each August is a day of celebrating and encouraging self-love, entrepreneurship and collaboration among women. In October 2015, Michelle introduced a virtual experience that included 5 speakers and over 100 registered attendees.

The Divatude Experience: A FREE Virtual Conference

Michelle launched The DIVAtude Collection in 2015 –  a home-based t-shirt line representing the DIVAtude Michelle D. Garrett is known for displaying at all times.

The DIVAtude Collection

In June 2015, Michelle became a full-time Divapreneur. Her focus is working with small and home-based business owners to establish and grow their online presence and setting actionable, time-based goals for their personal and professional growth. She, also, works with brands and companies to spread their messaging to her local and online community.

Michelle recently sat down with the co-founders of Social Media Managers School discuss her passion for social media management and her focus on her “why” within her business and work-life balance.